Monday, 22 February 2016

12: Catchup: NGC 6357 Sector DL-Y E22 to GREAE PHIO LS-L C23-221 (WP5 to WP7)

So... it appears I’m quite far behind the fleet. Here’s the distance I’ve travelled over the last few weeks or so trying to catch-up, but I’m not even at WP7 yet and the fleet is on towards. (In my defence, XCOM2 appeared and became a bit of a distraction for my time.)

At this point, the main DW fleet appears to be heading towards WP 12 for Mon 22nd, and WP 13 for Thurs 25th Feb. WP12 is 10,766.93LY away right now… I won’t be able to manage either of those in a hurry!

Looking at the FGE Exploration Wings instead, I could possibly keep up with those guys. They are aiming to be at Camp 9 by Sun 28th Feb - which is 7,779.92LY away from my current position..

Oh well, time to start jumping again!

Start Location: NGC 6357 Sector DL-Y E22
End Location: Floawns BS-J B64-15
Distance Travelled: 7,381.58LY
Hull Integrity: 97%
Distance from Sol: 15,531.49LY
LY remaining to GREAE PHIO LS-L C23-221 : 1132.64LY

Full Trip Details -

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