Thursday, 31 December 2015

MAIA Trip - Update 3 - Exploring PISCIUM part two

Spent an hour or so yesterday exploring some systems in the PISCIUM sector. First up Piscium Sector FM-U A3-1, host to twin T-Tauri stars. Very bright and lovely to look at!

Then Piscium Sector FM-U A3-0, which had a lot of non-landable icy planets, Usually I don't fully explore the planets in each system, but decided to check each of A3-0. Sadly nothing of note, buzzed past a few of them and took a selfie.

Finally pushed on and docked at Parmitand Relay, in the system HIP 13875. According to my route, this will be the last populated system until I hit Maia.

Took the chance for a few landing selfies as well

HIP 13875 location:

And location compared to where I've set off from and where I'm going:

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

MAIA Trip - Update 2 - Current status - MCC 378

Currently docked safely in MCC 378, at a lovely on-planet port of which the name eludes me! (I'll have to start recording these things) At this point I am somewhat 80+jumps away from MAIA

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

MAIA Trip - Update 1 - Exploring PISCIUM

First bit of exploration was done in the PISCIUM Sector of stars, specifically the snappily labelled PISCIUM Sector YQ-L AB-O. I stopped to take a look at Planet 1.

The Daggerbite

This is The Daggerbite - an ASP Explorer intended for long-range exploration in an inhospitable galaxy.

Here is her current build - Asp Explorer v4
The Daggerbite will eventually have a maximum laden jump range of 34.71LY. Currently she is in shakedown mode, to get both myself and the ship used to exploration. (ie. I haven't bought the 5A FSD just yet!)

As a first trip out, I am taking her to the MAIA system to explore the areas around that. I will detail findings in several other posts - labelled Odyssey1 - To MAIA

Shakedown trip to MAIA

Here's a disclaimer - I've not done any exploration in Elite Dangerous up until a few days ago. So realising that I've committed to a massive journey of 65,000LY (and then back...) I decided it was time to stop bounty hunting for a while and get used to the loneliness of space.

To start with, I decided to perform a shakedown cruise to the MAIA system. It was this thread that gave me the idea, as it looks quite cool at night (and isn't that far from home compared to some places..)

So off I went.

Distant Worlds - the expedition of a lifetime

On January 14th 3302, in less than 20 days time, an expedition is leaving known space to cross the galaxy in a journey of immense scale. The aim - to reach Beagle Point, some 65,279 LYs from SOL.

Over 300 pilots will leave Pallaeni and head 'north'. Through the Galactic Core and visiting the supermassive blackhole Sagittarius A* at it's centre. Then further on, pushing through The Aphelion Bleak Lands to eventually reach Beagle Point.

In total we will have travelled 81,500 LYs across many days, weeks and months. It will be a true odyssey and test of endurance for all involved.

The full expedition details are here on the official Frontier forums.

The expedition goals are threefold (as stated on the forum thread) -
  1. To travel out to the far galactic rim and explore the worlds at as many key sites along the way - culminating with extensive SRV excursions of the airless planets at Beagle Point and the local surrounding systems. 
  2. To name the worlds that are explored throughout this journey, including the naming of interesting and distinct surface features we visit - like canyons, mountain ranges, gigantic impact craters etc 
  3. Once complete, the expedition will leave the far galactic rim, cross back over the Abyss, and rendezvous at designated point on the edge of the Scutum-Centaurus arm. From there it will be decided by all members whether to follow the Centaurus rim 'southeast' and into the Silentium regions, or follow it 'west' and into the uncharted regions of the Abyssal Plain, one of the most remote regions of the galaxy. The purpose of this tertiary mission is to gather data on points of interest for the Galactic Mapping Project.

This blog will aim to capture my personal journey during this great expedition, using my new exploration ship - The Daggerbite