Tuesday, 29 December 2015

MAIA Trip - Update 1 - Exploring PISCIUM

First bit of exploration was done in the PISCIUM Sector of stars, specifically the snappily labelled PISCIUM Sector YQ-L AB-O. I stopped to take a look at Planet 1.

PISCIUM Sector YQ-L AB-O Planet 1 was an Icy body, a what I'll call "Dirty Icy Body" from now on. (It had a lot of dark patches.)

Diving in closer, I found a number of long canyons (unfortunately I took no screenshots of these!) which I bombed along merrily looking for things of interest.

Passing through a mountainous region, I found this crater hosting a small 'mountain' inside, and decided to strike the earth to investigate further!

Sadly, on the ground it did not look as impressive as originally thought, so I took off again after some scurrying about.

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