Thursday, 31 December 2015

MAIA Trip - Update 3 - Exploring PISCIUM part two

Spent an hour or so yesterday exploring some systems in the PISCIUM sector. First up Piscium Sector FM-U A3-1, host to twin T-Tauri stars. Very bright and lovely to look at!

Then Piscium Sector FM-U A3-0, which had a lot of non-landable icy planets, Usually I don't fully explore the planets in each system, but decided to check each of A3-0. Sadly nothing of note, buzzed past a few of them and took a selfie.

Finally pushed on and docked at Parmitand Relay, in the system HIP 13875. According to my route, this will be the last populated system until I hit Maia.

Took the chance for a few landing selfies as well

HIP 13875 location:

And location compared to where I've set off from and where I'm going:

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