Saturday, 5 March 2016

15: Catchup: GREAE PHIO LS-L C23-221 to MYRIESLY EC-B C27-381

Saturday 5th March travelling details: Today I caught up with the FGE Fleet, and met them at WP 10.

Start Location: DRYAA PRI GI-E C14-176
End Location: MYRIESLY EC-B C27-381
Distance Travelled: 4617.93LY
Hull Integrity: 97%
Distance from Sol: Didn’t count!
LY remaining to MYRIESLY EC-B C27-381 : 0

Distance to next FGE Waypoint (MYRIESLY EC-B C27-381): CAUGHT UP!

Distance to last DWE Waypoint (PHEIA BRIAE DK-A E303): tbc

Full Trip Details -

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