Sunday, 6 March 2016

FGE Meetup and trip to super-massive black hole Sagittarius A*

So today I met up with the FGE Exploration Wing at MYRIESLY EC-B C27-381 (Waypoint 10 of the Distant Worlds expedition). After spending far too much time finding the basecamp (need to practice co-ordinates!) I eventually met up and winged up with Cmdr KJKB1980 from FGE.

Cmdr KJKB1980 in the white, and Cmdr Crustycuffs in the Tacticool Black Asp Explorers 

Next step - onto Sagittarius A*! 

It took us some time to sort the near core plotting correctly, but then we were off! After two sun dips by mistake (few more percent lost from the hull!) we got there.

Arriving at the Galactic Core was an experience to savour. The creepy lens effect as you pan the camera around and the sheer fact that you are right in the centre of the galaxy. Definitely worth the trip!

Can you see it yet?

Here’s some video footage I took whilst exploring around this black hole-

Finally I can claim my proof as a Sagittarius A* visitor:

Proof of visitation

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