Sunday, 31 January 2016

Disaster! Death of The Daggerbite!

Breaking News -
During the launch party at Basecamp 5 disaster has struck - The Daggerbite has fallen (literally) and exploded into fiery remains atop the planet NGC 6357 Sector DL-Y E22 Planet 2.

I’m still a little in shock…

The launch was announced, ships were taking off and setting away. I stayed back to video a few takeoffs, and then set off myself.

What happens next is one-part rookie mistake to one-part not paying attention.

As you can see on the video, I took off, veered to one side to see who else was taking off, then pushed the nose skywards to climb away. Unfortunately I think I had my throttle set to reverse from taking multiple camera shots earlier of other ships. The result is devastating.

First we bounce back off the surface and lose all shields and nearly 50% hull. I immediately boost to try and get away, and make some initial escape.
But then the damned reverse lock kicks in again, and I am brought crashing back to the planet at devastating speed.

The video cuts away, and am I once again in Pallaeni. Curses…

Sadly I wasn’t the only casualty today - an Anaconda exploded behind us whilst we waited for the launch. No-one so far has caught the accident on camera, but the aftermath of the wreckage is horrific.

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