Saturday, 9 January 2016

LFT 65 2 A - Planetary Rings Intersect with a moon

Or as I'm currently calling it - "You Won't Believe Your Eyes When You See What This Ring and Moon Got Up To"

Whilst lazily exploring the LFT 65 system, I spotted something strange. The moon LFT 65 2 A seemed to be very close to it's parent bodies ring. In fact, the ring intersected it.

This absolutely bears further investigation...

Lets get closer. I almost want to fly through it and see what happens (sadly I didn't)

Instead we'll land and drive an SRV closer. Hopefully we can push through it.
Strike the earth!

After a quick google to ensure that losing the SRV didn't mean losing The Daggerbite entirely I started the approach. Then rapidly got bored with the speed and accelerating to "silly speed".

This proved to be a mistake. The sides are a lot steeper than they look

After 15-20 mins of desperately trying to boost or claw my way out, badly damaging the SRV in the process, I had only one option remaining.

The hero option
I need to return some day, and see if this still exists. Maybe after Distant Worlds is over, I'll make a field trip back to LFT 65 and see - unless any readers are nearby and fancy checking it out!

Here's a few more screenshots taken during this time -

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