Saturday, 2 January 2016

Exploring Pleiades Sector HC-U B3-0

Exploring this snappily named system, looking for interesting sites and things to see.
Planet D 2 looked like a fairly standard High Metal Content World, but on a quick buzz-past I spotted something.

A large crater, the walls of which rose above the surface significantly. Time to investigate!

Oh yes this one looks interesting - a crater with a canyon leading directly into it.

Went closer (ie. into the canyon) - because how else can you appreciate this type of terrain. The craggy ground zipping along below me, and the walls were passing by on both sides - the scale of this game is amazing.

Inside the canyon, it was fairly non-interesting. I took a quick picture of the sun cheekily trying to rise as I was passing through the canyon/crater entrance.

This is what makes Elite Dangerous the fantastic exploration game that it is - the ability to find sights like this and fly around them. To land (or crash) on them. To discover unknown religious objects from the great Shark God and exploit them. What a game....

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