Sunday, 31 January 2016

Landfall at Distant Worlds Basecamp Waypoint 5

Today made landfall at the Distant Worlds Basecamp Waypoint 5. (NGC 6357 Sector DL Y e22). A 1G world (my first!). Approaching with trepidation, my PC responded by crashing no less than 3 times whilst on descent. Thanks PC.

Landed close to a fellow commander, piloting a lovely black Anaconda. And in the background a white Asp Explorer lurked!

First vid shows the initial approach (before eventual crash to desktop!)

Then the final approach and - probably over cautious - landing.

Once we were wheels down and on the surface, I took LittlePecky1 (my SRV) out for a quick spin, to investigate my neighbour (not seen an Anaconda up close before!) and a quick bomb around.

See if you can spot LittlePecky1 hiding in my shadow! Anacondas are scary!

I was going to try record some video of one of the commanders driving around, but again.. my PC crashed. I think I need to look at my setup for video recording!

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