Saturday, 9 January 2016

Leaving Pleiades and Maia - last pics

It was certainly fun exploring around Maia and the Pleiades over the Christmas break, but earlier this week it was time to pack up and move back to home space - my home system LTT 15449.

The plan was to swap back to my bounty machine - a Vulture - and grind bounties in a RES for cash. Then purchase the essential 5A Frame Shift Drive for a cool 5.1 million. And finally to have some credits available for insurance and emergencies.

So with that, I bid goodbye Maia! One day I shall return no doubt.

The Blackhole of Maia. As close as I dared

Here's a selection of screenshots that didn't make the final cut, just to finish off my first real exploration journey.

The Sun Rising
No need for lights here
Mountainous Terrain
Nice cheeky sun

The sun and some excellent Craters

Exploring a pastel world


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